How to install Testing builds on windows

I want to install the latest testing build, as there is a bug fixed in the commits and not yet released. I am not 100% sure how to install the update so a little info here would be helpful. I saw that there is a linux update instructions here but I am on windows :confused: .

I see the latest testing build version features 4 files:
-Each of these files is different in size so I guess I need to download them all, right?
-And if that is the case, why dont they have all of these files in a single .zip?:

-And after I download them, do I need to just run the .exe file? and why is there a lite.exe file?

IIRC lite doesn’t include the libraries, particularly the hefty 3D model library. But I’m not on Windows.

Unless you are a developer you don’t need the zip files.

If you want full offline installer with libraries get the 1.2GB one, otherwise just get the lite installer and overwrite your existing kicad install.

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