How to install nightly builds on Pop!_OS

I have Pop!_OS 21.04, which is based on Ubuntu. I need to start using the nightly builds because there are library entries I need that are built for KiCad 6. Pop!_Shop (the Pop!_OS software manager) currently installs KiCad 5.12.

I followed the instructions on page:

The ppa is installed. But missing in these instructions is how to install the KiCad nightly build. I guessed, and tried the command:
sudo apt install kicad
This installed version 5.1.9. What is the command that will install KiCad from the nightly build ppa?


sudo apt remove kicad
sudo apt install kicad-nightly

This is a good place for guidance to installation.

This command worked. Thanks. Now I need to know how I could have, on my own, found out what the command is given the ppa URL.

Now that it is installed, what is the command to update it to the latest nightly build?

A PPA supplies any number of packages. There may be a command in your package manager (I don’t know Pop!OS or Ubuntu well) to show you what packages matching a word or pattern are available to install and the version.

If the PPA is set up correctly, the package manager should let you know when updates are available. I assume it will let you know when the real release is available to supercede the nightly. But I don’t know the details.

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