How to install kicad 5 flatpak now v6 is released?

Hi folks,

Just set up a new machine running Mageia Linux. The native install is borked and the current recommendation is to run the flatpak install.

When I install v6 (thought I’d take the plunge) and try to open a project or create a new one it just freezes. The program itself launches, but I cannot actually do anything at all with it.

How can I go back to v5 flatpak which worked a treat for me please? I can find no instructions for specifically installing v5 via flatpak.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of links for a start.


Had just upgraded to 22.04 Ubuntu MATE and played with Inkscape. Easy enough to install. Worked good but dumped when I found it was being updated unattended in the background when a notification popped up saying Inkscape was updated.
On a data capped plan and unacceptable for me.

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