How to insert just a DIP socket (as a connector) into schematic

I’m just learning KiCad and I’m trying to find a symbol for a generic DIP socket that I could insert as a connector. (As in, not any IC as such, but for something external to plug into.) I haven’t been able to find such a symbol-- does it exist? Thanks!

Add a connector in the schematic editor and choose a DIP package as a footprint.

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The best you can do for your future with KiCad is to learn how to define symbols and footprints and you will not have to search for any symbol or footprint. It is not so complicated as people frequently think. Really it is simpler then designing PCB.
Before I even tried to design my first KiCad PCB I defined a basic set of my symbols and each symbol have footprint associated with it. It took me some time but now with each new PCB I typically have to add only one or two new symbols or footprints (or sometimes none). Starting from that I have never even seen how the process of assigning footprints to symbols used at schematic looks like.
My way is that adding symbol at schematic specifies at once also footprint. That ensures me that I will not select wrong footprint to any symbol.

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Personally, I’d just use a generic connector symbol for the schematic. There’s no reason that it should look exactly as a DIP.
As an example:
should do the job.

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That was what I was looking for, thanks. When I do that it looks like what I expect and then I can add a DIP as footprint.