How to insert a bend in a trace

I frequently need to insert bends into traces, that is click in the middle of the trace and create a drag point so I have more control over the routing of the trace. I have been fudging this with the “D” command (45 deg) but this is a kludge at best. Is there a way to just insert the bend point?


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I am not sure i understand. A picture (before -> after) or a screencast might be a good idea.

per the attached PCB layout—I just want to click somewhere on the upper wire to create a “handle” and then drag it to procure a result like that shown in the lower wire.
The “G” nor “D” command does not do this.
testbend.kicad_pcb (4.8 KB)

Is it really that hard to make a screenshot?

Certainly not-- I thought the KiCad file would be more useful. Here is a screen shot.

right click → insert break point and then either D or G depending on what result you want (D preserves 45 degree angles while G allows you to introduce any angle)


Thanks Rene.
I had tried the break track earlier and could not get it to work-probably I was assuming that one would just click the track and move it but I see now that I need to use the grab in addition. Using the “outline” mode shows the breaks and makes it a lot easier. This is all set now.

KiCad is working well for me now - is set up to accept KiCad projects and I have cut a half dozen successful boards with this combination now.


A slightly different method I use is to simply draw a new track with “x”.
Then with the right settings in the interactive router, it deletes the old part of the connection as soon as the new connection is closed.

The (absolutely fabulous) way the Interactive router works has made me reconsider a lot of my old habits. I’ve just stopped worrying or trying to manage the exact location of the tracks. You try to make something “nice”, and then the interactive router changes it completely when you bump your previous artwork when a via or track comes took close. So why worry about those details in the beginning?

I find it much more productive to just make the connections , and afterwards, when DRC is (almost) fault less, have a look at things that need cleanup.

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Yes–generally I have found the interactive router to be fine for my purposes.
I had a special situation with a lot of parallel tracks in this instance and wanted to bend them along manually this time.
The one thing I am hoping for with the next release is the “rubber banding” of tracks—e.g. giving tracks permanent affinity to their associated pads so that when an IC is moved a bit the tracks follow with it.


Perhaps consider mastering Array’s of a Trace could inch you toward getting what you want…

I couldn’t resist the temptation…

In 5.99 this works in “highlight collisions” mode if the tracks end in the middle of each pad. Meaning that there’s no push’n’shove and it’s not fully automagic, but with a bit of luck you don’t have to redraw everything.

I have done (pre 5.1.6) the circular antenna by drawing it at another layer and then changing each arc layer to copper layer. Of course no DRC. I will get that PCB soon.

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Excellent solution :smiley:

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