How to increase gap between 2 zones of the same net and on the same layer?[SOLVED]

I have an outer zone created that contains several smaller zones inside it.

The outer zone and the smaller zones both have the same net and are on the same layer.

I need to increase the gap between the outer zone and the smaller zones inside it.

How would I do this?

The minimum width has to be at least 1 mm so that the outer zone does not extend into the area with smaller zones.

It is required that the outer zone does not touch the smaller zones contained inside and that the outer zone has that teeth pattern made from the array of smaller zones.

Make one more outer ring of zones shaped as those rhombs and then outer zone will be simpler shape that in addition with outer ring will make the teeth pattern.

Thanks. I need more clarification.

Is the outer ring of zones shaped as the rhombi made manually by hand to give it a teeth pattern?

Use whatever tool you used to create the rest of the rhombi, I doubt you created those by hand.
This can be scripted in python.

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Yes. I forgot to mention I used python scripting.

I will try making the outer ring by scripting.

Thank you qu1ck, the solution is working out well.

I just created separate zones.
For reference for others with the same problem, an easy way to do this in python scripting is to make a global zone container and just use zone.Outline().Append(x,y) to append corners at any time or part of the script.

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