How to increase Copper size in Pads


I will use MountingHole_Pads to connect a MosFet to an external wire via an inox screw.
The system automatically places four small traces of copper connecting the copper plate to the pad itself.
I have read PCB Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad, but I am not able to detect where is it explained.

May I increase the width of the copper traces or put four more ?

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Those are called “thermal reliefs”, and you can find the settings for them in the properties of the copper zone.

Thanks so much, Paul !

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Thermal reliefs are there to make soldering easier. A solid copper zone can conduct a lot of heat away from your soldering iron (or however you solder) when you solder a through-hole pin. But sometimes you need to conduct heat away from a power semiconductor. Thermal reliefs work against that. I usually do not use thermal reliefs…and yes soldering is more difficult as a result.

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