How to import the CAD file, generated by TI Webench, into KiCad software?

I noticed that the TI Webench online designer tool generates a CAD file of the designed circuit, and I am a KiCad user (recently started using it). So, I am not sure if there is anyway to import the CAD file into KiCad.

Do you have an idea on how to do that?

What kind of CAD file? What it keeps inside?

What I have tried so far is I looked over the available export formats and didn’t see .pcbnew extension that can be imported by KiCad. I couldn’t import the .brd file into KiCad.

Also, I just noticed that Allegro option provides a netlist file which gave me an error when I tried to import into my KiCad Pcbnew layout.

Error was:

Netlist Load error: Cannot open netlist file: path/to/file…

No KiCad export available (yet).

You would have to use their eagle export feature followed by an eagle format import into KiCad. Not the most elegant solution though it might spare you to re-enter the schematic.

Then again. Most Webench designs are not that large.

Last time i tried it (a year ago) not even the eagle import worked well. This is because TI does not generate a fully valid eagle file (ealge does not complain when opening it but it will fix it up behind your back. After that it can be imported into kicad)


Thanks jos, that did it for me.

Thanks Rene. I just imported the Eagle format and no issues so far!

Seems like a good time to advertise using the bug reporter! :slight_smile: You not only get your bugs fixed but you contribute to the larger community and make things better for everyone for years down the road.

This was an issue (as @Rene_Poschl mentioned) but thankfully it was reported and therefore it was fixed in 5.1.3. The bug report included an example file, for which @Aaron_Williams (I think I’m tagging the right person here) deserves a big Thank You.

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Yep, that was me. I’m glad that it was fixed.

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