How to import symbols from Eagle XML format?


I’ve got an Eagle 7 .lbr file that I’d like to view the symbols of in KiCad. Importing the footprints into a library is trivial but I’ve not yet found an easy way to get at the symbols. I could place them all in a schematic and import that but with so many components and duplicate symbols I’d like to find some quicker way.


I don’t have an answer to your question . . . . but I think the need goes beyond just your converted Eagle symbols. I have sometimes wished there was a general “catalog” of available KiCAD symbols to browse through, to help me visually select the one I want to use on a schematic. (At the very least, I’d like to use the U.S. “jagged line” resistor symbol most of the time, yet be able to quickly find the European “rectangle resistor” on the rare instances when that version is required.) A couple years ago a Forum member posted a very useful script that created a visual library of all the footprints and put the images into a *.pdf document - something similar would be useful for schematic symbols.



On GitHub lachlanA/eagle-to-kicad-libs is an ULP to quicly convert (using Eagle) a .lbr to KiCad .lib and .mod. I’d not trust the symbols and footprints for direct use but they’re fine enough to view in KiCad.