How to import a footprint to Kicad

I’m brand new to Kicad. I want to add a footprint that is defined on github as:

(module DEANS (layer F.Cu) (tedit 51C8CD01)
(fp_text reference REF** (at 0 7.8) (layer F.SilkS)
(effects (font (thickness 0.3048)))
(fp_text value DEANS (at 0 -9.2) (layer F.SilkS) hide
(effects (font (thickness 0.3048)))
(fp_text user V- (at -6.35 3.81) (layer F.SilkS)
(effects (font (thickness 0.3048)))
(fp_text user V+ (at -6.35 -3.81) (layer F.SilkS)
(effects (font (thickness 0.3048)))
(fp_line (start -3.81 -1.27) (end -3.81 -7.62) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start -3.81 -7.62) (end 3.81 -7.62) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start 3.81 -7.62) (end 3.81 -1.27) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start 3.81 -1.27) (end 2.54 -1.27) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start 2.54 -1.27) (end 2.54 6.35) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start 2.54 6.35) (end -2.54 6.35) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start -2.54 6.35) (end -2.54 -1.27) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(fp_line (start -2.54 -1.27) (end -3.81 -1.27) (layer F.SilkS) (width 0.381))
(pad 1 thru_hole circle (at 0 -4.572) (size 6.4516 6.4516) (drill 4.572) (layers *.Cu *.Mask F.SilkS))
(pad 2 thru_hole circle (at 0.42418 2.54) (size 6.4516 6.4516) (drill 4.572) (layers *.Cu *.Mask F.SilkS))
(model 3D/Connectors/Deans.wrl
(at (xyz 0 0 0))
(scale (xyz 0.3937 0.3937 0.3937))
(rotate (xyz 0 0 0))

But I can’t find any instructions or youtube to direct me.

I’d appreciate any help.

Thank you

Hi, @JustRob

Abbreviated answer: Load all of those lines into a text editor, such as “Notepad++”. Be sure you get ALL of the parentheses pairs!

Save it as a plain ANSI text-file in a library that is listed in the “Library Table” of your KiCAD project. (The KiCAD footprint libraries are file folders with a filename extension of " .pretty ", such as “Misc_Devices.pretty”. You should probably choose a library folder that you have created for your own custom use, since the library folders installed by KiCAD will be over-written the next time you update KiCAD.) When you save the file within the library folder, give it a filename extension of " .kicad_mod ", such as “Forum_Footprint.kicad_mod” .

Forum_Footprint.KiCAD_mod (1.3 KB)

Open the footprint in KiCAD’s “Footprint Editor” and correct the silkscreen violations. There’s a bunch of 'em!


P.S. - You might consider adding a few lines about yourself in your profile. It sometimes helps us compose an effective reply if we know who we’re talking to.

I’m using Windows 10.

I want to create a new library. I’d like it global and not project specific but when I try to do this the gui wants me to save it in Documents. The video I’m going by shows a folder for Kicad but I’m not seeing this.

And yes, I’ll add some personal info.

Wait ~ I think I found the answer from Rene_Poschl’s post

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