How to import a foot print in KiCad 8.0?


I’m new using KiCad, I am taking a course where the author use KiCad 7.0, I am trying to import a footprint to use it as a logo into the back cupper layer.

Following the video I cannot find the ‘import footprint’ option.

Could someone help me?


Kicad 8 works the same as Kicad 7 for this function. You should therefore be able to follow the course instructions to complete your exercise.

Open Footprint Editor > File > Import > Footprint.

Ty, I was searching on the PCB editor instead of Footprint editor

Also, Footprint libraries in KiCad are just a sub directory (traditionally ending in the extension “.pretty”, and you can simply use a file manager / command line to copy a footprint into such a directory. (This only works for footprints, symbols are different). You do have to add the library itself to Kicad’s library table (either global or project specific) for the library itself (and thus everything in it) to be visible inside KiCad.