How to import a builtin symbol kicad

How do we import a builtin Kicad 6.0 symbol into symbol editor as doing it, i.e. click import symbol, will only get interrupted

No symbol library selected

then nothing ?
Please help out solve this need. thanks before

So what did you do exactly, and where and when did that message pop up?

If I open the symbol editor (from KiCad’s project manager) then there is a tree on the left side with all the (default) libraries, and I can just browse through them and double click some symbol to load it into the editor.

There is a Symbol Editor / View / Show Symbol Tree with which you can toggle the view of this.

If that area is empty, then the most likely cause is some problem with the library setup, or the libraries are not installed at all.

Was overlooking as the tree was closed.
Sorry. Ok now

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