How to highlight a track in PCB 5.99


Using 5.99, Ubuntu 21.04.
Is there a way to highlight one single track in PCB?
When I click one track, it highlights the current segment, not the whole track.
And beside this, I’m looking for an equivalent of the function below, but for PCB.
Clicking one track would show the corresponding net on the schematic.

Screenshot from 2021-06-17 08-44-51

Any hint welcome!


click on a segment (which only selects the segment) then press U and it will select the net

u does not select the whole net. In KiCad V5.1.x there were the u and i keys for selecting tracks that are part of a net. In KiCad-nightly V5.99 pressing u several times while hovering over a track selects more of the net, but only direct connected copper.

The function to highlight a whole net has been moved to the Nets tab in the appearance manager

Hello Naib!

Thanks for your reply. Works fine. There is even more:

  1. You don’t have to click, just hover
  2. If you press U once, it selects the current net, but limited to the nearest pads
    If you press U again, then it selects the whole net.
  3. Even more: I have a clock output by an FPGA, and which is connected to 3 chips.
    Hover between FPGA and 1st chip + press U: the part between FPGA and chip 1 is selected.
    Press a second time, the selection is extended to chip 2
    Press a third time: the selection is extended to chip 3.


And also thanks to Paulvdh, I will have a look at the appearance manager.

Incredibly fast support, as usual.

I have 5.99 on windows I find the ` key backwards apostrophe on the ~ key will select the whole net. Not sure what you consider the difference (if any) of the whole net or “one track”.

The U and I keys are for selecting part or all of a net.

To highlight a net (which is a persistent state that lets you select other things while keeping one net highlighted), there are several ways in 5.99:

  1. Select any object on the net and press the hotkey for highlighting (` by default)
  2. Right-click any object on the net, and from the context menu choose Net Tools -> Highlight Net
  3. As @paulvdh pointed out, you can find the net in the Nets tab of the Appearance panel and right-click it

Note that options (1) and (2) now let you highlight more than one net at once: if you select multiple items, every net you have selected will be highlighted.

The highlight icon on the left toolbar (new in 5.99) turns the highlighting on and off once you have selected something to highlight. This allows you to quickly toggle between highlight and normal view without having to select the net again. This is also available by default hotkey Ctrl + `

Selecting something on a net allows you to interact with it (move it, delete it, etc). Highlighting something is just a visual change, and allows you to “follow” a net around the layout while still being able to select and interact with other things.


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