How to highlight a component in the layout?

Is there a way to easily highlight a component in the layout, like hovering a mouse to highlight?

The way I am doing now is Highlight Net on any component, then click on the target component to highlight it, which is cumbersome. Here is what I mean (highlighting Q10):

I use this highlighting for a quick check if the reference text, footprint text, footprint value are correctly placed relative to their component, especially when components are crammed close to one another.

Clicking on a component highlights it.

Yes, that is what I already knew. But is there a faster way, like just hovering the mouse cursor over would highlight without needing to click on the component?

Clicking is faster then hovering.

A much better way to do this is to disable all layers except silkscreen.
Even just selecting a silkscreen layer will render it on top of all others and texts are more visible.
Inspecting the PCB in the 3D viewer also helps with inspecting readability of texts, and if the 3D models are also visible you can also see if they obstruct the visibility of the texts.

I think sweeping the mouse cursor over components minus the clicking is much easier. You get to see each component’s texts and footprint highlighted quickly and effortlessly. Anyway, I take that as there is no such feature.

But this way, I cannot easily see which texts are associated to which component, especially when many components are close to one another.

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