How to have different GND


I’m looking for different GND (3) but on the same face and i don’t know how it work, does have i to put different GND on the schematic ? (Like GNDPWR, GNDA…) or i can isolate a part on PCB ?

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You will need to create a separate GND net in the schematic; you can’t create nets in the PCB router.

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So i have to use other GND like GNDPWR or GNDA ?

You can label it any way you like, but yes, it will have to be a separate net from your existing GND if you want to have parts connected to separate nets on the PCB.

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If you awant to do multiple isolated powers (e.g. in hierarchical sheets), it is not possible yet. Some desires about:

The work around is like @kpfleming said.

A Net-Tie_2, or Net-Tie_3 Eeschema symbol would work as well.

1728250 suggests to use editable labels for power supply symbols, back in 2017, and it got marked as a “milestone” for KiCad V6.

The power symbols are just regular schematic symbols from a library!
There nothing inherently special about them.

Back in KiCad V4 I copied a power symbol into one of my personal libs and edited in such a way that the text was an editable label. It seemed to work pretty well, but I do not make many schematics and I may have lost that symbol in the transition from V4 to V5.

Wich such symbols you also want to know what kind of label it is. Currently power symbols are treated as global labels.

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