How to ground this oval pad

Hi, I am trying to put a Digikey CP-102A-ND on a board and the oval pads don’t ground–it looks like the slots (are they called “spokes”) are too shallow. Can someone help me understand what’s going on? I am just starting out with Kicad. I have tried pasting an image of this here. Thanks!


I do not have a quick answer but:

  1. Go to help>about>copy version info and paste it into your next post.
  2. Is the copper zone connected to the same GND net (watch spelling and capitalization.)?
  3. If all else fails and it is OK to do so, zip your project folder and insert it into a post.

Thank you, I think I solved the problem just now. I had imported my project from Eagle and apparently the footprint for that part didn’t import well. I just updated it from the Digikey library. The square pads on that footprint work well. Thank you for the reply!

FYI, oval vs rectangular pads shouldn’t have cleared up your issue. There must have been another property of the pad that you didn’t notice that fixed your problem. It may be too late to see all the differences of the pad that might have caused this issue. In my experience, only custom shaped pads have issues connecting to copper fills, so you don’t need to avoid any of the built-in pad shapes when pins need to connect to copper fills.