How to go from top to buttom layer?

Hi, does anyone know to how go from the top layer to the bottom layer? I mean I already have some component that are placed on the top layer including the wires! I need to bring them to the bottom layer (components +wire).
After that I want to add the 4 corners circles and do the GND mapping as well as the GND copper fill!

Use F hotkey to flip footprint top/bottom.
When routing use V hotkey to jump with track from top to bottom and back.
To move from top to bottom a set of already made tracks you probably can select them and use Edit-Edit Track & Via Properties.

Thanks, How about moving the component from a top to a bottom layer ? I mean already routed component!

Another way:

Open footprint properties and change the side.
Select B.Cu and draw tracks.

Thanks, much appreciated! do you know how to add the four circles that we add on the corners before we insall the GND copper ?

What four circles?

Mechanical fixing holes ? there are various footprints (& symbol) for them.

Select a bunch of tracks footprints, and then press f to flip them to the other side.

Also, these are extremely simple beginners questions. Read some manuals, follow some tutorials etc.

Component is real part. At PCB you have footprints.
I think in your case there is no a big sense to flip footprints together with connections. While flipping, it have to be mirrored so all tracks will generally be directed oppositely than now and when you tidy it up, you will have to run them again anyway.

Some Clarification…

Normally, ‘F’ flips the ‘Board’. But, that is Not the same as flipping the Board’s ‘View’ (no default Hot-Key for Flip-View but you can add one).

You can click 'View>Flip_Board_View ’ to Flip the ‘View’. Flipping the ‘View’ is like looking Through the PCB and seeing the Bottom from as if the Board was transparent. (Can also Flip the View from Appearance Mgr)

Flipping the ‘Board’ (not the ‘View’) actually Flips the Contents on the layer to the other layer (thus, not Flipping but, Moving to Layer). Window-Box all contents, Right-Click>Change-Side/Flip

Make a Test PCB and play around to understand what things do…

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