How to give a different color to a component in eeschema

I need to create different components with different background colors.
Has anyone already encountered this problem, and if so, how did you solved it?
Tanks for your help.

There is no color choice as of now. EEschema is running on older code than PCBnew and misses a lot of that freedom.

What do you want to achieve?
I’ve never seen rainbow-colored schematics to be honest…

in fact I do not use eeschema only for electronics.
I use it to make quite complex charts.
Thank you for your reply.

Some people focused on Altium, produce this kind of schematics. Especially Asians… :slight_smile:
Here you have an example:

That’s what pencil crayons are for! :grin:

While other people go out and buy adult coloring books I just color my schematics. Great for stress relief!


confusing as hell and a little bit disturbing :astonished:
I mean, nothing against some marker colors, but that’s really not my cup of tea.

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Ah yes, black text against dark purple.
Hard to read and impossible to photocopy :confounded:


My main customer still makes heavy use of fax, even worse

Even if one scans a print of such a rainbow schematic it won’t be much easier to read as there is a only so much one can do with post processing to get the contrast for all nuances back to readable again.

So yeah, B/W/gray and maybe red/blue/green in some important places, but anything else is information overload without helping.
And I’m pretty sure even the Asians will ‘get that’ sooner or later.

The Germans from my corner of that country use to call that quietschebunt, which means it’s overwhelmingly and brain-exploding-ly colorful (quietschen = squeak).

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The light-yellow background color in the boxes around netnames catch my attention and make the text a little more readable (at least to my eyes) but the rest of the coloring actually reduces both legibility and my comprehension.


If you want to colour behind black text, stick to pastel colours close to white. Dark colours are a very bad idea for legibility

ICs are red
capacitors are blue
I can’t quite tell
but some connectors are too

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No, no, you’ve got it wrong.

Should be,
"Fuses are blue "

At least, they are after an over-current fault.

(My apologies to the many non-U.S. Forum members. Even for native English speakers, that joke doesn’t work well in written form. If you are still confused and linguistically inclined, start by referring to a list of English homonyms such as )



EEschema manual 3.2.3. Preferences menu / Set Color Scheme shows a “EESchema Colors” screen shot.

Getting started, 6.1. Using Component Library Editor

If you want to fill the rectangle with yellow, set the fill colour to yellow 4 in Preferences → Select color scheme, then select the rectangle in the editing screen and edit (E), selecting Fill background.

I did not find either one. Which is confusing to a noob.

In EEschema, NOT the symbol editor… (I know, confusing, but they work on it ;-))

Thanks Sparky.:relaxed: