How to get smooth graphic circles in 3D view?

I have been searching for a way to adjust the number of segments rendered for graphic circles in the 3D view but came up empty. For example, I have a 20mm diameter ring 2mm wide in a soldermask layer and while it’s finely rendered in PCB New and in the output plots etc., the 3D view renders it in about 30 segments which looks very clunky.

The only place I’ve seen options for this kind of thing is in the zone fill dialogue: “segments/360 deg” but that’s nothing to do with this graphic element.

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Lets summon the 3Dviewer guru… @kammutierspule ?
I’d like a higher polygon count for any arc including the edge layer as well

The segment count is hardcoded and limited to 48 segments.
I may get some time to make this improvement in one of these days…