How to get online internship in kicad

hello all,
My year-final of a B. Tech. in electronics and communication engineering is currently in progress. I’m seeking for an online PCB design internship and have solid experience with kicad 6…0 software. Please let me know if you know of any such online internships.I’ve been attempting it for more than months, but the main issue is that nobody I know is aware of the opportunity for an online internship in PCB design.

It’s kind of silly to focus on kicad. Just look for any opportunity pcb design opportunity. The real skillset is the same, the software is irrelevant.

In real industry you do not get to pick and choose what you use at a job. Your employer has standards and past mandates. Maybe everyone at the company uses Altium, maybe they all use PADS, maybe they use EAGLE, it won’t be your decision. They won’t change the software just because of you.