How to get multiple pages on top level - schematic

I would like to have at least 3 pages on the toplevel of my schematic.

  1. Revision History + changelog
  2. Block schematic.
  3. Toplevel schematic.

I still want the schematic to be hierarchical, but I also want the other information to be present.

This is not yet supported. See:

Hi, and thanks for the the answer.
Do you have any idea of the timeframe?

The feature request is six years old…
There is a “milestone” for version 9.0 (expected in the early 2025). but be aware that these milestones often change and feature requests are pushed forward to the next version.
So with a lot of luck, if someone actually starts implementing it, it might land in 9.0 (and appear in the nightly 8.99 sometime in 2024), but don’t hold your breath…

(Also, there is a possibility to pay for the development of this feature. This sometimes happens to featurese needed by someone, typically who uses KiCad commercially. I would think Seth Hillbrand knows more about that, if someone is interested.)

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