How to generate Tool List?

They say:

Tool List
Do not forget to embed a tool list in your Excellon drill file, or provide one in a separate text file. Common file extensions for Tool Lists are .tol and .rep.

How do you embed a tool list in an Exellon dirll file or provide one separately?

KiCAD automatically embeds the tool list when you generate a drill file. I don’t think there’s any way to tell KiCAD NOT to embed the tool data. See example:

(Yes, the Excellon drill file is a human-readable ASCII text file - just like the other KiCAD files.)

To create a drill file, click “File” > “Plot”, then click on the “Generate Drill File” button. I think most fab houses are asking for separate files for plated-through holes (PTH) and non-plated through (NPTH) but your vendor may be different. Remember that the fab house needs the DRILL FILE, even though you may use a MAP FILE to review and check your work.


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Thank you Dale!

Before I posted I did open the .drl file but could not identify the Tool List, although I suspected it was in there someplace because accepted it without further requesting a Tool List. I just again looked in my .drl and can now plainly identify the .094" diameter turret hole I made :slight_smile: