How to generate a Pick n Place file?

is there an addon to generate Pick n Place files ?

What is the preferred methodology to generate Pick n Place files from our Kicad PCB ?

top.pos ?
then we assign feeder information ? ( reely only matching the component value to the feeder number , I guess)

I see some mention of Py scripts, but how do you run them ?

This is the file created on the PnP machine after a manual placement/rotation across all components.
This is in XML, hence the question…
This is only showing 2 components for ease on the eye, but it is the whole file otherwise.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 5368 38672 8213 45670 5368 38672 8213 45670 312 248 663 535 312 248 663 535 料站 1 1 5402 39221 0 90.2 Low resolution ordinary true 1-1 1 无 0 false 料站 1 1 6395 40341 0 -0.01 Low resolution ordinary true 1-1 1 无 0 312467c0-1c05-4905-af2d-7c1bdf0cfe97 false true 5368 38672 33261 38669 -8831 116 -11924 -172 10 1 false 8e298929ec0647d3aec14aa089721e88

Since every pick and place machine is different, there is no standard way to create a file for specific machines.

In pcbnew, File->Fabrication Outputs->Footprint Position can be used to generate a file containing component positions. You can then use that file to generate a file suitable for you machine.

If you have a TM-240A, you might find this useful


HI, no sorry we have a STM460, I will check the POS file tomorrow,
Thanks for the lookin

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