How to from code

Hello everybody
I am writing this post about github code.
Actually I downloaded a project code zip files,when I opened these files I found both files schematic and pcb files generated in code format.

I wold like to generate schematic from these code files but I don’t know how…

Please Someone can help.?

Thanks :blush:

What do you mean by “code” format? It’s normally in the format of the EDA tool that was used to create the files. Which may not be KiCad. Are you able to post a link to the project’s Github repo so that we can have a look?

Open them in KiCad 5.1 and not a text editor

Ok I’m trying.
:blush: thanks

@TT_TECH Download the repo. You can also download it as a zip if that is easier than cloning it in git.

Then just open the file.

you are right its Kicad project file…

Thanks for help :blush: