How to find to220 module footprint?

Hello all, where I can find on libraries the footprint for to220 regulator type ?
Thanks !

In 4.0.7, it’s TO_SOT_Packages_THT:TO-220-3_Vertical.

On there are footprints for almost anything. Even when they don’t have it they will create it within 24 hrs. upon request for free.

Here is the link to the part/s you are looking for. You can filter further according to the very specific TO-202 model that you have.

Just to clear things up. When I commented I did not see the comment before mine. This got flagged as spam for some reason. I guess they thought I work for that internet site. I don’t lol. Just sharing a precious tool. I am student people. I don’t work for anyone. Lol.

Many thanks I found what I need, super !

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