How to find the Symbol Editor after creating a Brand New Foorprint?

Hello all! I hope you’re doing well.

I have finished creating the SPST switch as directed in the latest KiCad documentation as shown in Picture 1:

My version of the switch looked like this:

It was finished. Now I’m ready for the next step: Adding switch to schematic.

I was reading this part of the latest KiCad documentation, starting from

"Now that the footprint is complete, the switch symbol can be modified so that the matching footprint is used for it by default.

Go back to the symbol editor and open the switch symbol. Edit the Symbol Properties. Click in the Footprint field, then click the library book icon small library 16 that appears. Browse to the project footprint library and double click on the switch footprint. Save the symbol." as shown in Picture 3:

The problem is I couldn’t find this “Symbol Editor” icon and I couldn’t edit “Symbol Properties” because I don’t know where this “Symbol Editor” icon is, that’s why I couldn’t replicate the screenshot as shown in Picture 4:

Where do we find this “Symbol Editor” that will lead to “Library Symbol Properties” pop up?

Thank you!

The problem is I couldn’t find this “Symbol Editor” icon …

Kicad manager (main window), right side, second icon from top.
You can it also access from the schematic-editor: Tools–>Symbol-editor

Edit: I found it now!

It’s here!

Click this Op - Amp looking icon as shown in Picture 1:

Symbol Editor will pop up!. Then find this customized schematic as shown in Picture 2:

Then go to File → Symbol Properties as shown in Picture 3:

Go to the “Footprint” field as shown in Picture 4 and double - left click it:

A pop up of “Footprint Library Browser” will appear and double click the encircled newly created part so that the PCB version of the switch will now represent the schematic symbol of newly created switch as shown in Picture 5:

Click OK!

And that’s how you find the Symbol Editor after creating a brand new Footprint…:slight_smile:

Open Schematic Editor, go to Tools → Symbol Editor.

Thank you, @mf_ibfeew !


Nice to see you following the tutorial.

First hint to shorten your workflow:

Then go to File → Symbol Properties as shown in Picture 3

You can also doubleclick on the white area (canvas) below the symbol-graphics and the Symbol Properties dialog will show up. Works also with footprint properties in the footprint editor.

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