How to find specific footprint in the library

Hi Guys,
I am new to Kicad and actually, I started a couple of days ago. I need Kicad for just a simple task:
to make a PCB board that I can connect two connectors together.

I am going to design a board to connect two 24pins connectors, that is attached to the picture but I had a hard time to find the footprint for this exact connector.
I am not sure how to find one in the library!!! In what category should I look for them or Should I just design



In the kicad v4 lib look in the lib called Connectors_[Manufacturer name]
If it is not in there, then nobody has yet committed one.
If you don’t have a lib for the manufacturer that builds this connector, maybe try to update the list of available libs using the footprint library wizard.
See for how to do this. (This tutorial will result in you having local libs. These are preferable to the default kicad v4 on demand online libs.)

In the new v5 lib, footprints for such connectors will be under Connector_FFC lib.

Thanks Rene for your fast response, I think there is not any footprint for the connector that I am gonna use, So making the new footprint will be my last option,yes?

The official lib will never be able to supply footprints (or symbols) for all possible parts. (No lib will ever be able to do that.)

So learning how do create a footprint from the drawings given in the datasheet is a vital skill for anyone interested in pcb design. (Even if you find a footprint, you always need to check if it is correct.)

Edit: You might be in luck. If your connector is made by Hirose, (Hirose has a connector with such a part number). The new footprint library includes a footprint for this part

Even the old Connectors_Hirose lib holds a footprint for the FH12-24S-0.5SH connector.

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There is a place that supposedly will do that for you. I think it is the place Digi-Key hooked up with? 24 equally spaced pads shouldn’t be that bad though. So, making it yourself might not be your last option but it is probably your BEST option. I’m kind of lazy and generally just do the pads and silkscreen. Sometimes the FAB layer. Haven’t bothered with the “courtyard” yet. My understanding is you only need that for pick and place.


Post it here as you go along if you wish for advice. We don’t know (or care) about your experience level. Easy enough that someone is sure to offer help if you need it.

WOW, am I really lucky?
Thank you very much Rene for your kind help. How did not I see this before?
:smiley: and the funny thing is that there is only 1 footprint for this
hirose and its the exact one that I am looking for.

Have a great day(probably night over there),
Best Regards,
Mohammad. Sent with Mailtrack

The new lib has the complete series. (If you need any of the other pin count versions)

Thanks for your recommendation, I am currently working with D`igi-key so probably they can help me. and surprisingly, I found the exact footprint in the library:grin:

How can I have the new LIB ???

Download it from github (button on the top right)
or download it via the download page on the official webside

After downloading you need to add it via the lib manager or lib wizard. (see parts of the tutorial i linked.)

But remember we have not yet finished to full set of libraries. One of the problems is that the symbols in the new symbol lib might not yet point to the correct new footprint names. Another problem is that not all 3d models have been corrected for the new footprint lib. (We renamed/reorganized the footprints and reorganized the symbols.)

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