How to find prooper RGB LED footprint association

I am trying to design a board using a shared anode RGB LED’s: I was able to make the schematic, and the RBG LED component was easy enough to find, but when I tried to associate the RGB LED’s to their footprint, I couldn’t find a four pin common anode LED’s on the list of diode footprints. Is there a footprint for these LED’s available and how do I find it? Thanks.

Is the component compatible with LED_D5.0mm-4 in library “LEDs”?

Edit: use component (aka symbol) device:LED_RABG and footprint LED_D5.0mm-4, where pin 1 = Red, pin 3 = Green and pin 4 = Blue. I don’t know why that info isn’t on the component (aka symbol).

I was able to find the component for the schematic:

But when I run CvPcb to associate the components with a footprint, I cannot find 4-pin LED’s on the list of diodes.The footprint names aren’t very descriptive. I’ve tried a few at random but they all end up having two pins when I open them on the PCB.

You should be able to draw the footprint if it’s not available. It’s not that hard and with some experience takes maybe 15 minutes if you start from a existing similar one.

I see. Thank you, that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. Is there a way I could draw the footprint and then save it so it can be used when associating components and footprints? I know I could draw the footprint on the pcb, but then the tracks couldn’t be automatically routed.

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Don’t use that it has the wrong pinout. Use LED_RABG.

You can get a preview of the footprint in the cvpcb dialog, with the toolbar button “View selected button”.

The footprint you need is called “LED_D5.0mm-4”, and it is in the library “LEDs”

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