How to find pcbnew/router m_logger result in terminal?

hi, eaveryone , I am new with kicad.

I had build kicad by debug mode.
and I know I can see the wxtrace message by type $ WXTRACE="TRACEMASK,OTHERMASK" kicad

But how can I see m_logger result in terminal?
#ifdef DEBUG
m_logger.NewGroup( “on-reverse-via”, m_iter );
m_logger.Log( aObstacleVia, 0, “the-via” );
m_logger.Log( &aCurrent, 1, “current-line” );
m_logger.Log( &shoved, 3, “shoved-line” );

That’s quite unusual, debugging the router if you’re quite new with Kicad. what do you want to achieve?

try to figure out the the relationship about router and python

To my knowledge, you cannot interact with the PNS router using Python. If you want help, you need to explain what you want in more details. We are not clairvoyants.


I had figure out by myself

print it out this one: void LOGGER::dumpShape( const SHAPE* aSh )

anyway, thanks above people who try to help me.

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