How to find out which library a component is from


I can’t find a way to see which library a component I’ve placed in the schematic is from?

For example, if I’ve placed component “Connector1” from library “My_Parts”, how do I find out that it is from “My_Parts” once it has been placed?

I’m aware that I might be missing something obvious!


Right click on component -> edit component -> edit with library editor.
(or crtl+e)
This opens the library editor. With the correct library.


Ah - thanks. I’ve been doing that for ages, but until you pointed me at it I didn’t notice that the library is given in the window title. I was confused as you have to then “Select working library” before you can save updates to the component.

thanks again,

The library choice allows editing an old part to make a new one in another library

Thanks - that makes sense.

I think it would be more intuitive if it assumed you wanted to edit the component in the current library, but still allowed a different library to be selected. However, it won’t cause me problems any more now that I know.


Ah - in case it helps anyone else, since posting the above I’ve realised I can use the “Update current component in current library” button rather than finding the library and then saving to it.


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