How to Find "Find"?

I’m editing a symbol with 1300+ pins. I’m lost in the pins. I couldn’t find the find function .Did not I find the function or is there no find function in the symbol editor?


Furkan Berk Kaya

There is: Symbol Editor / Edit / Pin Table, and you can sort by column by clicking on one of the column headers.

1300 pins for a schematic symbol is quite a lot. My best guess is the symbol editor is a bit lacking in functionality for such symbols. Possibly some other approach is better fit. There are for example some scripts to create a schematic symbol from information in a spreadsheet.

Have you tried ‘Cntrl+F’ in Kicad 7?

Have you tried this yourself in the Symbol Editor?
For me it does not work. I am not aware of any search functionality in the Symbol Editor and sorting the pin table is the best workaround I can think of at the moment.

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