How to find Eeschema Library Configuration?


1- create new project
2- use this empty project o build new custom component
3- using part library created symbol
4- click on update library not present yet
5- click save current component to new library
6- click update same msg appears
Lib not available until loaded by Eeschema
Modify the Eeschema library configuration

7- Added the path form control manager window
preference/configure path and add the path to tutorial1/library
8- Eeschem editor preference/component libray/ window to select current search path and ADD to user defined search path
…./tutorial1 (the folder library added to directory but not present in the path)

how to get E… configuration

thank you

What version of KiCad?

This is not really necessary. But it can be useful if you want a bit more flexibility.
In this step you can add a specialized environment variable pointing to your personal libs. However in kicad 4 there is no direct way to use this variable. (The only place i know of is in the template projects.)
This does not add it to the search path of eeschema. (That must be done in the component library dialog of eeschema/library editor)

In current nightly (will become kicad 5) you can use environment variables in the same manner as you can now with footprint libraries.

From the wording here i assume you are running kicad 4.0.x.

Adding the search path is only half the job. You also need to add the library it self.
One possible problem comes to mind if you did both and still can not see your symbol. In kicad 4 a symbol name must be unique over all libs. Otherwise kicad will use the one from the library with the highest priority.
The same holds true for library names. It must be unique otherwise kicad takes the one from the search path with highest priority.
More details see here

Another thing to remember is that the component library dialog of eeschema controls only the current project. Meaning if you want to access your lib in a different project you will need to add it to that as well. (Only option for global addition is by manually editing the template project.)

By the way the component library dialog also exists in the library editor.

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current download 4.07

thank you
“You also need to add the library it self.”
what that command?

1- it seems the problem, that I started New-Project and its directory empty. thus, when I started I did not build schematic just went directly to component build procedure. Ch 6 manual
2- while I did have project and did schematic, then went to Ch 6 to build component. in this project in Part Library editor I have the LEDstrip1-cache listed at end of the items: listing

this the step where the name of the part does not appears under the listing when I perform the component symbol build without never used the schematic editor and went directly to build symbol…

thank you all for the answers.

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