How to find all points connected to a schematic?


Is there any way to find all the points connected to the schematic in Kicad

Not enough information… please explain.

What I mean is lets say I have two nets connect with a label. Is there anyway to find if they are connected?

Run the netlist generator and then check the .net file and search for the net entry and which pads are connected…?

That is getting very complicated. I would like to know if there is a highlight tool in the schematic?

Yeah, sorry, I can only answer to how I understand the question :wink:

Highlighting tool in eeschema… nooo, not that I know off.

What is your aim?

Checking if pins are connected?
If pins or wires are unconnected, there will be a faint square at the ‘usual’ connection point.
If it’s not there, the wire/net is connected.
For visible test, you can always hover over the part or wire and hit [G]… then move the mouse a bit… and if done hit [ESC].

Or something else?..

Yes. Thats what I want. Just check if pins are connected to all the components.

If pins or wires are unconnected, there will be a faint square at the ‘usual’ connection point.- I am not really sure I understand that. What is the square. I can only see this:

Stuff like this usually happens when you edit libraries/symbols or load older projects… as current symbols don’t match the old ones 1:1 the connections come ‘loose’…

But yeah, for visual check just use the [G] key and hit [ESC] when done. The wires will behave like rubber-bands and you can easily see if stuff isn’t ‘hangin’ on’.


Ah okay. Thanks. Thats a good way to check it. But I cant see that in my schematic. (THe square)

(Addition to a one year old post:)
One of the great features of KiCad is that you have to mark all unused pins with:
EEschema -> Place -> “No Connect Flag [Shift +Q]”.

As a result all unconnected pins are automatically flagged when doing an ERC check
EEschema -> Tools -> Electical Rule Checker -> Run