How to fill copper with shape like net?

I’m a beginner with kicad. In altium designer, it is easy to create filled zone with shape like net, such as:

But I found no method to create it in kicad. Does kicad not support it? Or it has other way to achieve it?

There is no direct support for this in the current stable version of kicad. It will be included in the next release but that is quite some time away (It is already in the development snapshots but using them creates projects incompatible with stable versions).

You could check if one of the workarounds presented here Can I do a hatched polygon on KiCAD would fit your needs.

oh, thats a bit of difficult but really useful. Hope this function will be released as quick as possible. Thank you a lot.

Earliest possible point would be the version 6 release. I suspect that it is still at least 2 years away.

Bad news, thats so slow. Has it was included in any pre-release version? Or only in nightly version?

In the nightly builds where the feature development is going on.

If you really want that hatched zone it might be possible to make your board layout as complete as possible, just without the hatched zones, in v5 and then open it in the development version, add hatching and check otherwise that nothing went wrong, then plot the gerbers. You should of course copy the project first. But you must be extra careful with the gerbers, too - triple check them.

ok, I know it. Thank you.

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