How to export hotkeys?

in Preferences->Hotkeys you can import a hotkey file (*.hotkey). Ok.
But then I found nothing about how to EXPORT hotkeys.
What did I miss?

What KiCad version are you using?

In V5.1.10, the [Export] button is right next to the [Import] button:


Oh, forgot: 5.99.
That’s what I would have expected: export button next to import button.
But nope, none.


It’s user.hotkeys file in the configuration folder, so there’s no need to export it explicitly.

Ok, thx.
Btw, the file filter in the “Import Hotkeys File:” dialogue is wrong, it is set to “.hotkey" but should be ".hotkeys”. I’ll file a bug.

I don’t agree with:

Normally users do not know that file exists, where it is, and what it’s called.
To me it makes sense for a button to export the current hotkeys to a file in the same way as in V5.1.x.


At least it could be in the tool tip of the import button.

In that case, there’s no need to import it explicitly either. The user can just copy the file instead of importing it.

Of course, it’s silly to expect the user to have to copy a hidden file in a hidden folder to import a set of hot keys. And it’s Just as silly to expect the user to have to copy a hidden file in a hidden folder to export it.

Real programmers program in binary using console switches. We don’t need no steeking GUIs! Why should PCB designers be any different?

Jut noticed there is no user.hotkeys for KiCad V5.1.x.
Instead it has an Eeschema.hotkeys and a PcbNew.hotkeys file in it’s hidden configuration directory.

user.hotkeys is in ~/.config/kicadnightly/5.99/ folder though.

Not exactly true :wink:
It can be a new file, not been used before in any other configuration.

I have not a computer right now. I would find the hotkeys file which I’m sure it is a text file, see the structure, and then make my own hotkeys file.

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Talking about this: Wouldnt it be a good idea to make an “export all user settings” in Kicad, as we all buy new computers at times or switch to another computer at home and may want to backup important things which sits in our fingers, to be able to continue just working as nothing happened?


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