How to edit a Drill map file?

I want to add tolerance values in the drill map file. Can someone help me in doing this thing.

I don’t think that the format allows such a thing.

That said, the standard way to call out tolerances for holes is by a GD&T document that is included with your Gerber files. You can draw this in KiCad but it will be difficult. It may be easier to export a PDF of your board and annotate which holes require non-standard tolerances.

In prior incarnations there was a “Drill Table” on the “General Information” sheet of every PCB drawing. (The sheet that shows the dimensioned outline drawing, layer stackup, fabrication notes, etc.) The “Drill Table” had a column listing every drill size, a column indicating plated/unplated, a column for the number of holes of that size, and a column for the diameter tolerance.


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