How to duplicate boards for VCUT


Hi All,

I want to repeat the design to save money in pcb fabrication. If i use append option its showing like below.

Is it fine to generate Gerber with this?


If you put a V cut on that panel, it will disrupt electrical test. Replicating small boards on a panel is what your PCB fabricator does for you.


Some out-dated PCB Fab. do not even do that for me. I have to penalized myself.


Thank you All! i think i should go for panel based designs

can you tell me how to make this type of panel?


Ashok r


For panelizing, always ask your board manufacturer first. They have different capabilities and different work flows and different requirements for you. It’s usual that the customer doesn’t panelize, they do it for you after you have told them what you want.


Those are called mouse bites


Ah Thank you @eelik & @davidsrsb i mailed to my manufactures lets see. I guess making holes/drills does the job.


You can also use an external tool for panelization.

Check Panelizing with 3rd party tool 'pcb-panelizer' from its-not-rocket-science? for example


Thank you all! after all i realized that panelizing costs more then individual design boards. and my board is ready


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