How to duplicate a project?

1 - How can I easily duplicate a project?
So far I’ve copied the project folder and then renamed the folder and all files and sub-folders with the new project name … but that is a lot of work. Is there an easier way?

“Why duplicate” you may ask? Answer, to use that project as a starting point to then modify it to a new circuit.

2 - Can you have multiple schematic pages in the same project?
Asking because sometimes everything won’t fit on a single sheet.

Thanks for any help.

The project window → File → Save As.

Yes, in KiCad it’s called a hierarchical sheet. It’s pretty much a basic feature. You can read Hierarchical or flat schematic design, what is best for me? (How to deal with multi page schematics?) and Schematic Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad.

In addition to this, you can also make a template from an existing KiCad project.
It takes a bit of work because you have to add some text (in html format), and an icon (so you can click on it). Together with the description, you can also add some pictures to the html.

You can use any of the default templates as an example for creating your own.

That question suggest that you never used it in KiCad (like me). That collides for me with first question.
I am still in V 5.1.12. All my projects are single page and when finished I left only 3 files of each project (project, schematic, pcb).
I use FreeCommander as my file manager. To duplicate a project I make new directory (F7) and name it then I select all files in old project (+,Enter) and copy (F5) all 3 files from old project to new directory renaming them (during copy) to new_project.* (all files are copied to new name with old extensions).
What collides for me with first question is - where from do you have sub-folders?

This is extremely bad advice for almost all KiCad V5 users:

In KiCad V5 the [Project]-cache.lib is a pretty important file you should always keep with your project, because it is the last resort backup of the graphics for schematic symbols.

@Piotr I assume what you’re doing here. I know you manage your own libraries, and thus can guarantee they are always available. You also have enough experience to know how the [Project]-cache.lib file works in KiCad V5, but you should not give such advice to people with not much experience with KiCad.

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My rationales…
I assumed that OP uses V6 where (as I have heard) project-cache.lib was included in schematic file so there is no risk if I skip this topic.
What I wanted to say mainly was that you can use file manager that let you copy and rename many files at once. I suppose such functionality should be common in file managers, but have no experience other that one I use so I mentioned its name. It can be useful in some cases. I use it for *.step and *.wrl files also (when I copy 3D models to my library I also rename them to my names).

The other what I also wanted was ask for info where from are the sub-folders if schematic is one sheet. As I never used many sheet schematic I don’t know if they are in the same folder or in sub-folders and this makes it difficult for me to ask unequivocally for what is in sub-folders. If for example OP keeps gerber files there then when copying project there is no need to copy and rename them. He can simply not copy them.

I mentioned that I am still in V5 to not confuse OP if there were some extra files in V6 that I don’t know about.

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That is it. I just did it and worked, so far.
I don’t like everything in KiCad, but this feature works as it should.

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