How to draw rounded rectangular hole footprint in kiCAD 6?

Molex recommends in its PCB layout to use rounded rectangular padded holes for their through-hole USB-C receptacle’s legs. The closest I thing I can draw in kiCAD 6 is a stadium-like hole. I get the option of Rounded rectangle for pad shape but not for hole shape. Is there a way to draw Rounded rectangle holes as well? Otherwise, would a stadium-like hole work for USB-C receptacle legs?

Don’t even try to use a rounded rectangle hole here, use a stadium. The USB-C receptacle doesn’t notice the difference, the manufacturer’s tolerances are too large for these dimensions, and they may make it as a stadium in any case.

If you actually need a slot of some certain shape, you can use edge.cuts and draw it there, but you have to check your manufacturer’s recommendations first.

For some reason many datasheets give some kind of idealized shape, often a rectangle hole, even though a rectangle hole can’t be made with any normal cheap technology. It’s just a suggestion, meant to be applied loosely. You have to know the dimensions and tolerances of the part and create the footprint according to them and the manufacturing process.


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