How to draw 100% horizontal/vertical polygon/copper fill?


While drawing copper fill or polygon, I would like to draw lines which are 100% horizontal/vertical.

Is there any way in KiCad 5.1 how I can do this? So for example is there an “angle” status bar text which displays the angle of the current line (e.g. 0, 90, 180, etc degrees), or a delta x/y which should be 0 for respectively 100% vertical or horizontal lines.

If I understand correctly in 5 there was a “dx” and “dy” one which you could reset with a spacebar at the start of every point (that is in my opinion quite error prone because you might have slightly moved the mouse between the click and the spacebar hit). This option seems to be gone in 5.1 or how can I turn this on?

How to do this?



Either temporarily change the grid to a courser grid or hold down CTRL while dragging as this restricts to one dimension

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In addition to what Naib said, there is also “Constraint outline to horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees” option in the zone settings. Ticking that will make adjusting/drawing your zone to have only horizontal/vertical much easier.

It’s still there.

It works in drawing but I didn’t noticed any effect of it in adjusting (5.1.6)

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