How to drag traces without disconnecting them?

In tutorials, I see that it is possible to grab traces and drag them around while shoving others traces away. It seems to be really easy, people do not state any special setting in tutorial videos. My interactive router is working, I can shove, I can walk around and so on while laying out new traces. But if I try to grab an existing trace (with the arrow tool), be it with or without Ctrl, I just get the segment and it disconnects.

I am on 4.0.6 on Kubuntu 16.10. What am I missing?

Disclaimer: I use a development version. Small details might differ in the stable version
I don’t know if this works in legacy mode but in open gl mode it works as soon as you activate it in the settings of the interactive router.
(preferences->interactive router set “mouse drag behavior” to “interactive drag”)

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Thanks, I think that was the issue. I am not in legacy mode, as shoving and such works. When I change that setting, however, KiCAD crashes with a segmentation fault as soon as I try to touch a trace. Shoving and walking around works, though.

What is the difference between move item and interactive drag? Does this mostly affect the route command or the “drag” function editing existing traces?

When will I move the whole trace segment and disconnect both ends; when will I disconnect one segment end and pivot the other, and is it possible to add segments to an existing trace without a separate “route” command?

It would be helpful to have an understanding of what these pcb editing options are doing…