How to download manufacturer-specific schematics, footprint and connectors? in KICAD 6.0.0

How to download manufacturer-specific schematics, footprint and connectors? For example, TMP451 from texas instruments does not have schematics and footprints in KICAD6

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You cannot download manufacturers footprints and symbols into personal libraries in Kicad, you have to make your own by copying manufacturers specifications.

Thanks for answering! @jmk What´s the program do you use to make your own schematics and footprint?
Could you give me a tutorial? Please!!

Have you looked at the FAQ at the top of the forum page? You use the symbol editor to make new symbols and the footprint editor to make new footprints. Here are two tutorials. Learning to make and customise symbols and footprints is an important skill as not every component that you want to use will be in the. standard library. Don’t shy away from it - it doesn’t take long to learn and don’t do what so many people do and spend hours searching the internet for something they could have made in 30s.

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Best to spent some time learning to make footprints and symbols. If you are going to be doing a few projects there is a good chance you will need to make your own libraries.

There are loads of good YouTube videos as well and it’s worth the time leaning. Actually not that difficult at all.

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Hello @Givanildo_Gramacho

Before you start making symbols and footprints you will need a library in which to put them.
Start by learning how to create libraries.
All the articles mentioned by @John_Pateman and @gmc along with a lot more can be found in the FAQ. The link to FAQ is at the top of this forum.
This is the best with which to start:
Most refer to Kicad 5 but 6 is the same for these procedures.

You are also in luck with your TMP451.
When you have created your libraries, there is a TMP411 symbol in one of the Kicad libraries which has the same pin numbers and names, so, when you have created your new symbol library, all you need to do save the 411 into your new personal library and rename it TMP451.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have problems with anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remember also that KiCad has separate symbols and footprints, and many footprints in the official library are generic and reused between different “parts” or “components”. I wonder if one of these would be good for that specific part:

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Yet another alternative is to use a 3rd (or is it 4th?) party service. SnapEDA is Open Source friendly and offers KiCad footprints. For example TMP451AIDQFT footprint & symbol by Texas Instruments | SnapEDA.

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I also use these sites and quickly check if there is an already existing symbol/footprint. Might save you some time, but in the end chances are you will need to at least create some footprints/symbols for your project.


I didn’t go as far as footprints, but don’t forget, @Givanildo_Gramacho , you will need to create personal footprint libraries in which to place your footprints, just like symbol libraries, be they from the mentioned outside sources, or made by you.

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WSON (DQF)8 4 mm² 2 x 2

Thanks for answering
@jmk @John_Pateman @gmc @eelik :slight_smile:

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I would probably do this so that I would copy the KiCad footprint WSON-8-1EP_2x2mm_P0.5mm to a personal library, then remove the exposed pad. (I found the KiCad’s own footprint by name, I didn’t check if it would really work, but that’s the basic idea.)

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I use these too. You can also find them for instance Digikeys or mousers component page.
Sorry, Digikey insists using local page for me.

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site to download footprint, schematic, 3D




I´d like to thank all the friends in the community for sharing their knowledge.

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