How to do fill zone removal

Hi, couldnt find an answer to this one either, though I must be asked before,
but might be that I totally missed some simple… anyways:

I have a ground plane fill around all the vias on my card, but have to change a foot print to a bigger so I need to remove some or all of the zone, but sofar unsuccessful in finding how.

In Modern toolset, F11
Select the zone, rightclick, zones->unfill
Do your stuff with the footprints and refill the zone.

If you want to remove the zone: select the zone, rightclick, delete

But you may want to resize the zone. Then select the zone and the zone tool. You will see some marks that allow you the resizing of the zone. After doing your stuff, refill the zone.


Alternately, instead of unfilling the zone, one can also just hide the zone fill (the border will still show so it can be selected) with this quick setting in the left toolbar:

When done with edits one would then both refill all zones (keyboard shortcut B) and select the top button of the screenshot (order doesn’t matter) to view the new zone fill.

As with many things, there are multiple ways to skin this cat.

Begining with KiCad I tried to point zone by pointing inside it (like in Protel I still use). To point zone place the coursor at its border then right-click.

Yes, sometimes that’s quite annoying even with more experience. In 5.1 it will probably be a bit easier, you can select a zone when it’s in “show filled areas” mode and you click in a place where no disambiguation isn’t needed.

Hi, back to desk. Many thanks. SIMPLE, it is the BORDER y need to grip !

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