How to disable red frame with Title etc


Hello there,
I am still doing my first steps with KiCad and it is a great piece of software!
I was using Eagle before and I managed to eliminate most of the Eagle habits with the documentation and google.
There is one thing remaining - I am not able to get rid of the red frame that is an inevitable part of the board (The one with “Title” and all that stuff. I thought that deleting everything from “Page Layout Editor” will solve the problem but the frame is still there. I do not need it for my work. Can you please advise how to either remove it or at least hide it? It does not seem to be controllable via standard layers…
I am sure I am not the only one with this problem and somebody must have answered this already… but I am not able to find it.
Thank you very much!


In PCBNew you can turn it off by deselecting the ‘worksheet’ box in the render panel. (This is on 5.0 rc 2)

In Eeschema, I think you would need to start with a blank .wks.
@bobc has a link to one here but I haven’t tried it.

This was discussed a while back in this thread


Thank you John. I will remove the 4.0.7 version and get the latest nightly Windows build as I cannot see the Worksheet option in 4.0.7. Hopefully that should help.


Please read the FAQ about the nightly builds before committing. I have found recent nightly builds to be so much better than v 4 and largely trouble free. However, my work is not mission critical and you need to be aware of the potential problems. That being said I think a full release will be made ‘shortly’ and I think that there are not many significant bugs remaining in the current development nightlies.


My usage of KiCad is also not critical so I removed the 4.0.7, installed the latest nightly and created a new project (to avoid some conversion problems for the old projects).
But it seems that with the latest nightly I am not even able to assign a footprint. The library loading takes like two minutes but then no footprints are offered. I have waited like 10 minutes but nothing appeared. Looks like I need to get back to the old and stable one.


you probably encountering issue related to lib-table when u upgraded from V4-stable to V5-nightly
see this link…

for your info check these threads related to the upgrade issues… in case you face some more errors


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