How to design a 3D shape with color

I have designed a 3D shape for a photo-darlington OP580DA.

I designed parts separately so I can include colors where is needed since I am using FreeCAD 0.17, I have combine all parts together using Assemby2 WB I export it as a STEP file.

when I align the footprint with 3D shape using Kicad StepUp WB its get difficult because I can’t move the hole 3D shape only parts as I designed them.

My question is,
which technique to use in designing a custom 3D shape with colors using FreeCAD (because it is the one recommended for KiCAD 3D shapes)?
Which way is used by librarians to make their own 3D shapes?

Take a look at the package3d-source repo for inspiration. Especially the display stuff

We typically do not have multiple parts and use assembly but use multiple bodies in the part design. Every body gets a distinct colour. During stepup export you then assign the real colour.

You do use the Part WB when designing all 3D shapes? because I was using the Part design WB and that’s why I can’t include colors.

[0.17 PDN] Colouring single faces
There are models designed using PDN WB also here:
one here: ESP-WROOM-32

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Colouring single faces gets quite tedious after a while. So my suggestion is as follows:

Make one body per colour. (So for an IC you would have one body for the leads and one for the body. You do not need to assign the same colour you want it to be in the end. When exporting using stepup you can select a mapping so choose easily to distinguish colours.)

Then assign the colour to this body. (If you do not work with a version that supports colours then you would give the colour to the feature that should get that colour)

There are a few options to assign a colour to the bodies.

If you are missing the combo view then look under view -> panels and enable combo view.



And also its possible to use the Union or Compound function in kicad stepup WB, to combine all those parts and move the whole 3D shape together.

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