How to delete everything on a layer?

Is there a quick way to delete everything on a layer? Specifically, I want to delete my imported DXF in the Dwgs.User, Edge.Cuts and the Eco.user layers. I used these layers for board outlines and now I need to import a new outline. Thanks!

Looks like Legacy Mode Block feature can do that.
It has a tick for include/exclude invisible layers, so you disable all layers you want to keep, then block-select all the unwanted clutter and delete, then re-enable the wanted layers.

You can move layers on some selected items first, to be more selective.

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Thanks for the quick reply. So [quote=“PCB_Wiz, post:2, topic:3924”]
disable all layers you want to keep
I assume this is only the Layers tab? Do the checked items in the Render tab have any effect on this action?

The render tab doesn’t affect layers, but elements on those layers…

That’s the dialog you get for block selection in Legacy canvas (invisible layers won’t be affected unless you tick the option):


If you select from top/left to bottom/right, it will only select what’s inside the rectangle. If you got arcs with their center sitting outside that box they won’t be selected that way. If you instead select from bottom/right to top/left it will select arcs whose center is outside the selection rectangle.

Or go to the “Edit” menu and select “Global Deletions”, select the items you want to delete and check “Current layer only” and make sure you have the proper layer selected in the layers tab, it also displays the currently selected layer in the “Global Deletions” dialog.


Thanks for this tip!