How to define minimum distance between zones

I have an IC which is 3x3mm²:

I’m trying to create zones that also cover some pins. In particular, I have a GND zone that covers the exposed pad in the middle of the IC and extends further up and down.

When I cover some other pins with Vcc zones, Kicad complains that the zones are too close together, but I cannot really move them apart further.

Where do I configure the minimum distance between zones? Or is there some other property that is at play here? (I’m using Kicad 5.1.5.)

There are different settings which influence clearances.
Normally a clearance is set by the NetClass of a net in: Pcbnew / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Net Classes and pads inherit the value from the net they get assigned to, but this can be overruled for separate pads if needed by clicking on a pad, then press e to edit it’s properties and then in the Local Clearance and Settings tab.

Then there is also the properties of the zone itself, and this is likely what you want at this moment. Just click on a zone edge to select it. press e for edit and change the Clearance.

If you still have conflicts, then run DRC and carefully look at the output of those messages. What is interfering with what?

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Thanks for the explanation! I didn’t think of the zone properties, although a previous issue also concerned them. :grin:

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The KiCad defaults are quite coarse. Check with your vendors design rules are. The OPs 3x3 mm package will need a precision pcb

Hi ralphb,
You can set the clearance values as shown below.
Go to the particular zone you want. Right-click/double click > properties.

In the dialogue box that appears, you have options to select the clearance.
You can also choose the priorities of the zones here.

Thanks Amit, I have figured it out!

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