How to deal with not really unconnected nets?

I am designing a daughter board right now which is connected with two connectors who carry both for example 12V from the mother board. PCBNew urges me now to connect the 12V from connector A to that of connector B because it does not know that those signals are already connected on the motherboard. So I still see a rats nest line between the pads and get a DRC error. Any idea how to deal with this situation properly?

I think ignoring it is fine.

Probably change the schematics so the 12V nets of your daughter board are properly divided as you intend to wire them, e.g. create 12V_A net and a 12V_B net or something like that.

This is probably the most clear and would be helpful for following traces or repairing the PCB as the person working on your board wouldn’t need to wonder why both 12V sides that are connected on your schematics aren’t connected on the board and when measuring the continuity they’d probably suspect some fault or broken trace otherwise.

Good point. Downside is that net highlighting doesn’t work anymore properly in the schematic and on the board and every time I move a component on the board while routing I have to edit the schematic to connect it to the “right” 12V net. Hmm…

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