How to customize PCB and Simulation background colors?

My eyes don’t like black backgrounds. Because of this I have problems using both the simulator and the PCB Editor.
So far I haven’t found a way to customize the background color for neither PCB nor Simulation.
How do I do that? I did not find it under Preferences.
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Create a custom theme (the standard themes are read only) and set the background colour to your liking . . .


Thanks! This solves the PCB Editor background color question.
However, I cannot find way to do the same with the simulator.
Is there a hack, a config file which can be edited somewhere, or does it have to be black?

Your choice is Black or White (menubar, View) it will toggle between them

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 06.51.11

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This is fantastic, I am very glad that I now am able to configure KiCad this way.
The View menu looks a little different here (KiCad 8), and it was not obvious to me what the menu item text means. In any case, I must be better at trying out menu items, it seems.


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