How to create revision blocks?

I’ve recently started using KiCad again, but I’m having some trouble figuring out the best way to add a revision block to my schematic.

All the places I have worked have used revision blocks on the upper right corner of the schematic sheets. The rev block is basically a place to list the changes that were done with each revision.

In some of the tools I’ve used, like Mentor’s xDxDesigner, you have to manually draw the rev block’s headings as part of the sheet background. I’m guessing that KiCad is the same, but when I did that, I noticed I was having issues with the grid.

Basically, it seems like the grid was drawn on a mm grid, but the schematic only allows a mils based grid. This means that when I have to draw new rows for each revision, they won’t line up nicely with the edge of the sheets border.

Before I go and redraw the entire sheet border from scratch, am I missing some kind of feature here that would make this easier? Do KiCad users use some other method for tracking changes in a way that manufacturers can see?

You should be able to do what you want to do using the Pl Editor (Page Layout Editor). You can launch it from the KiCad project window.

I tried using the that editor, but that is where I ran into the issue with the units. As far as I could tell, there was no way to change the grid on the Pl Editor to imperial units.

That means that if the title block/page border is aligned to milimeters, but the grid in the schematic editor is aligned to mils, then any additional rows you add to the revision block through the schematic editor won’t align right and it will look funny.

Unless you are saying you should add the actual revision text through the Pl Editor and not through the schematic drawing tools?

Yes, there is a mm grid in the Pl Editor and the cursor does snap to it, but it is otherwise irrelevant. The graphical entities in Pl Editor do not need to align with the grid, specify their location and dimensions as the mm equivalent of the mil dimensions you want. Unless I’m not understanding the problem correctly.

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